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Why Children Love Garbage Trucks


Over the years, we've learned that children are fascinated by garbage trucks. It’s flattering! Kids see something magical about the big beeping truck that shows up every week like clockwork to magically whisk away their garbage.

Science suggests that as toddlers begin to understand object-permanence, the coming and going of garbage trucks is something they can latch onto. Our truck may also seem like a giant, loud, really cool toy!

Here are some tips to make sure that your children have a fun experience with our weekly visit.

  • Do not allow your children to approach our trucks! Teach your children to stay a safe distance away from the truck.  We care deeply about safety, and want to make sure children know to admire our trucks from a distance.
  • If your child wants to say hello to our drivers, please carry your child or hold your child's hand. Wave from your window or doorway, keeping at least 20 feet of safe distance. Our drivers will wave back if they see you!
  • Do not follow a truck in a car or on foot. Our trucks make frequent stops and sometimes back up, and it may be hard for our drivers to see you.
  • Help your children learn days of the week using your neighborhood's pickup schedule. This will help your kids keep a schedule and look forward to their weekly visit!
  • Teach your children about waste management and recycling. Tell them the story about how garbage goes from your house to the garbage can, then the truck picks it up and carries it away to the landfill. This is a great lesson in event sequencing. 
  •  Teach them to place trash in the trash receptacle and do not litter. 
  • While preparing dinner, ask your kids if certain things should go in the garbage can or in the recycling bin if you have recycling services.
  • For more educational information about what happens after the garbage truck leaves your house, check out You may find it interesting that your waste makes natural gas and this gas is used to create energy and fuel our CNG garbage trucks.