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Vogel Family of Businesses Celebrates America Recycles Day


America Recycles Day happens every year around the 15th of November. This national initiative, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, encourages Americans to pay closer attention to what they throw away and what should be recycled.

“America Recycles Day provides the encouragement and know-how to make recycling a common practice every day of the year,” says Brenda Pulley, senior vice president, recycling, Keep America Beautiful. “We invite you to host an event in your community — invite your family and friends from work, school and your neighborhood to participate in America Recycles Day and to take the #BeRecycled Pledge in a collective national effort to improve recycling in our country.”

What can you do to participate?

  • Educate yourself on proper recycling. Check out your local waste disposal company's website for information about what can and cannot be recycled.
  • Look for local events for hard-to-recycle items like electronics and tires.
  • Plan an ARD event in your community using these resources:
  • Find an ARD event in your area:
  • If your workplace does not recycle, suggest it to the building manager. Recycling is a good PR move for your company and can also cut down on paper usage.
  • Take the #BeRecycled pledge:

Learn more about America Recycles Day at

Seneca Landfill also offers year-round recycling drop-off boxes. For information about drop-off hours and what is accepted, see Seneca Landfill's website.