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Proper Disposal of Needles and Sharps


When our employees handle your trash every week, they take on the risk that they might encounter something dangerous. One of the most dangerous things they might come across is a contaminated needle. If they accidentally get stuck by an improperly disposed-of needle, they put themselves at risk of contracting a deadly disease such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tetanus or syphilis.

Safe and proper disposal of sharps and needles is absolutely essential.

Please observe these simple standards for keeping our employees safe:

  • Don't throw loose needles in the garbage.
  • Don't flush used needles down the toilet.
  • Don't put needles in recycling containers.
  • Do ensure that broken sharp objects are wrapped in thick paper and taped securely before disposal to prevent injury.  
  • Do use one of the recommended disposal methods in this brochure!

For more information about the proper handling and disposal of sharps and needles, visit or