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Lego-V CNG Station Awarded $352,800 AFIG Grant 


The Lego-V CNG Station, which recently won the 2019 PA Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence, is now the recipient of an Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG). The $352,800 grant was the largest award given this year, and we are honored to have been selected for this significant investment.

Since 1992, this PA Department of Environmental Protection award has aimed to "help to create new markets for alternative fuels in Pennsylvania which enhances energy security." Our Lego-V project was awarded this year's grant to implement an "innovative technology project to build a virtual pipeline system to transport renewable compressed natural gas to markets in Pennsylvania."

The grant will enable the Vogel organization to continue to expand our sustainability efforts. The creation of a virtual pipeline will enable us to transport gas created at Seneca Landfill to new CNG fueling stations in Mars, Grove City and Beaver Falls. These stations will eventually be open for public use.

Turning Waste into Energy

The AFIG grant award marks the latest chapter in historic efforts to improve our organization's sustainability and minimize environmental impacts. Our facility at Seneca Landfill was the first of its kind in the state of Pennsylvania. By using the gas emissions, which are a natural byproduct all landfills produce, to power the Vogel fleet of CNG vehicles, we are able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. And with the Lego-V station, our CNG fuel enables publicly owned vehicles to rely on a sustainable fuel source. 

"It's a manufacturing facility for green energy. We use a nuisance byproduct and turn it into fuel" said Ed Vogel, Vogel Holdings VP in a recent interview with The Butler Eagle.

Because of Seneca Landfill's central location to all of our hauling companies, it was the ideal location for our first station. But as we've continued to switch more vehicles to CNG, the need to expand our fuel efforts became apparent. 

But more importantly, our renewable energy offers a significant opportunity for the larger community and state as a whole. Our internal use consumes less than 10% of the clean, renewable resource produced - meaning that a substantial amount of fuel would be available for public use.  With the creation of our virtual pipeline system and new fueling stations, this resource will be accessible to a much larger market.

Vogel's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is a central part of everything we do. This award will enable us to continue and expand this mission for years to come.