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How to Dispose of Mattresses and Boxsprings


Presidents' Day is one of the biggest days of the year for mattress sales. If you've had your current mattress for more than 8 years, or if your quality of sleep has been suffering because of discomfort at night, you might be out searching for a new mattress this weekend. 

But getting a new mattress presents a problem: what to do with your old mattress and box spring?

Here are some suggestions to make sure the logistics don't get in the way of a good night's sleep!

  • Ask the store you're buying your new mattress from if they can dispose of your old set.
  • If the mattress is clean and in good condition, consider posting it on Craigslist or a similar buy/sell/trade group. (Take reasonable safety precautions when dealing with strangers online.)
  • Call us! We will be happy to set up removal of your old mattress and box spring. Save the plastic from the new set and use it to cover the old set and tape closed with duct tape. We want the set for disposal to be wrapped in plastic for our workers' protection. We will not pick up a mattress, or any other bulky item, without prior arrangements.

Do not dump your mattress! Dumping is illegal and can result in fines or prison time.

With so many easy options, disposing of your old mattress will be simple, and you'll be dreaming on a new mattress in no time.