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Easy How-To Tips for Garbage Collection


Garbage collection is simple: you put out your trash, and we collect it. But there are some tips to make sure we're able to serve you properly and consistently.

  1. Put your garbage in a bag. 
    Our collection personnel are not permitted to reach into cans. Bags prevent loose trash from sticking or freezing to the bottom of the can, where our personnel can't reach it. Bags also prevent your trash from blowing away or inviting pests.
  2. If you have recycling services, rinse all of the food containers.
    Please make so no food contamination ends up in your recycling container. Recyclables do not need to be bagged.
  3. Place your carts somewhere we can always access them.
    Place your cart on a level area no more than 3 ft. from the street with wheels away from street and lid opening to the street. Keep 3 ft. away from any object such as a mailbox, vehicle, tree, basketball hoop, etc.
  4. Put your carts out on time.
    Trash needs to be at the curb by midnight the night before your scheduled collection day.
  5. Don't put recyclables in a bag.
    We sort recyclables at our facility, so cutting through bags is actually more time-consuming for our team.
  6. Call ahead if you have questions about what we will accept.
    Some items cannot be collected by our trucks. Some items require special permitting or an added cost. If you have any questions whether we will take a certain item, please call us.