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Healthcare Waste and Recycling Services

Medical office building.
Committed to efficiency, community, and health.

Hospitals, nursing homes and rehab facilities face a three-part challenge: efficiently removing waste, staying committed to community health and maintaining a budget. Ohio Valley Waste Service can provide solutions for all three, helping hospital complexes and medical facilities dispose of waste in the most responsible, effective ways.

Recommended Services For Your Industry

Multiple Sizes & Styles 2, 4, 6 and 8 yard dumpsters available to meet your needs. Multiple styles for easy access in your dumpster enclosure.
Trash Compactors Reduce on-site trash volume and visibility. Compactors keep your business clean and hygienic by keeping trash contained.
 Flexible Pickup Options Garbage collection schedules ranging from bi-weekly to 6x per week. Extra pickups can be scheduled when you need them.

Closed Containers for Hygienic Waste Storage
With the proper waste disposal plan recommended by our waste specialists, our enclosed sealed container options ensure your medical facility is in regulatory compliance, avoiding citations and fines. We offer both daylight and evening routes with flexible pickup schedules, as well as unscheduled picks whenever you request it.

We partner with you to determine the best waste management services to meet your needs and volume.

Large volume?
We also sell and maintain industrial trash compactors. More Info